Foundry and Furnace Steelwork

Foundry and Furnace Steelwork

The steelwork that supports these operations must withstand extreme conditions, ensuring safety and efficiency. Here at M and W Contractors, our steel fabrication experts can design, manufacture, and install foundry and furnace steelwork that follows the highest standards of heat resistance and precision.

Foundry and furnace steelwork forms the structural foundation for the most challenging industrial operations. These steel structures support the weight of furnaces, provide pathways for material handling, and are non-negotiable for ensuring a safe environment for workers in high-temperature conditions.

Our fabricators can supply and install the structural supports for a wide range of furnaces, whether it's for metal casting, glass production, or heat treatment. With a team of skilled engineers and fabricators, we are ready with the latest tools and technology to deliver steel structures that stand up to the harshest conditions and protect those working within them.

Whether you need ladles, crucibles, moulds, or any other equipment, M and W Contractors can design and fabricate it to your exact specifications.

With years of experience in the steel fabrication industry, we have a proven track record of providing top-notch solutions for foundries and furnaces. Contact us today to learn more about our supply and installation services across the UK.

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